Insurance Companies We Represent

Insurance Companies by Product

Below you will find a list of the several insurance companies we represent.  Representing the top Insurance companies enables us to bring you the best prices on insurance with the best available policies.  We aim to bring you quality insurance at the most affordable prices in the Canadian marketplace. Contact us for a free no obligation Insurance quote today!!

Life Insurance

Depending on the Insurance Company, the life insurance product they provide may vary from Term Insurance, Permanent Insurance or Guaranteed Issue policies.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illnesses that are covered by each company may vary.  The stage of the illness may also affect coverage.  It is important to review each policy carefully to understand what policy best suits your needs, including family medical history.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Insurance coverage can also vary greatly between policies.  The date the coverage starts paying a claim, the percentage of your pre-disability income that is covered and the extent of your disability are all factors in evaluating a disability policy.  We can help you determine your greatest needs and priorities when choosing a disability insurance policy.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage for your family’s medication, dental, vision and extended health benefits can vary greatly depending on the co-pay options, excluded pre-existing medical conditions and other items that may not be covered (such as expensive medications).  It is important to balance your needs and the cost of your plan equally.  We can work with you to find the perfect balance that suits your present and future financial needs.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance coverage can vary depending on the insurance company and the plan you choose.  It is important to review the fine print as discussed in a recent CTV News article.

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