Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance provides a lump sum payment to your family and loved ones when you pass away. The terms Final Expense Insurance or Burial Insurance are also used. With insurance, your family and loved ones will know how they will cover the costs of your funeral. This will be the last gift you give to your family.

There are factors to consider when calculating how much funeral insurance you need:

Burial or cremation costs
Any outstanding debts
Any taxes you owe
Tax liabilities that arise from inheritance left to your loved ones
Term life insurance or permanent life insurance will also cover funeral costs. However, funeral insurance is generally a lower amount of coverage for a low cost. There is generally no screening for health conditions, no medical exams or tests. Guaranteed issue policies are for people who do not wish to answer medical questions. If you have been declined life insurance in the past, you may qualify for a guaranteed issue policy. Guaranteed issue policies are a good alternative for seniors or those with limited income.

There are many considerations that determine your insurance rates:

The term of the insurance – will it be for a specified number of years or for your lifetime
How much coverage do you need to protect your family
The younger you are, the lower the insurance premium will be
If you are healthy, you may qualify for more insurance for a lower cost in the regular market
We deal with many insurance companies who offer many types of insurance. This means we can compare prices and policies to get you the best coverage. In some cases, we can help you complete the application from the comfort of your own home.

By contacting us, we will help you determine the best funeral insurance for your needs.