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Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance provides a death benefit if the insured person’s death results from an accident.  This is a limited coverage and is generally offered as a life insurance rider on a stand alone term life insurance policypermanent life insurance policy or on a group insurance plan.

Some of the covered accidents may include traffic accidents, homicide, falls, heavy equipment accidents and drowning.

Accidental Death Insurance often includes a coverage that pays a partial benefit if the insured person loses a limb, finger, suffers loss of vision or other such injury (dismemberment) due to an accident.  If the accident results in death, additional benefits over the base insurance is paid.  Most travel and group plans will allow for the purchase of additional voluntary accidental death insurance coverage at an increased premium.

Several of the insurance companies that we represent offer the accidental death coverage as riders on term life insurance policies, permanent life insurance policies, or as supplemental life insurance, in additional to a group insurance plan.

As suggested by its name, accidental death insurance, pays a benefit only if injury or death occurs due to an accident.  Death or injury as a result of illness, suicide and natural causes would be excluded.  Contact us for a free Insurance quote today!!